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Design your dreamscape | Landscaping Architecture onsite Design

Request an onsite estimate and Landscape Design quickly with this option

We go out to the location specified to meet

Find out what your dream landscape would be with your current requirements

Go over the final proposal inclusions and exclusions

Then get measurements for your proposal.

After we will use this data to come up with the pricing of your project.

You will then get an email with your proposal.

The amount charged is a non-refundable design deposit for your dream landscape to come to fruition.

Yes, we are xeriscape capable!

Perfect for:
Mulch installation
Flower bed installation
Landscape installation
Rock installation
Landscape hillside stairs installation
Fence installation

(2 hours)
$ 660.00

Landscape onsite project estimate deposit

Call before this option to get an idea of what sort of projects are covered by what size of budgets.

Non-refundable deposit on your project.

I will go out and do an on-site estimate for your project. If you would like a professional architect to design the project you need to put a deposit using the “Design your dreamscape | Landscaping Architecture onsite Design” Landscape architect deposit

(1 hour)
$ 100.00

Schedule a over the phone FREE lawn mowing quote

Get a lawn mowing quote faster than ever before.
You schedule the call and get the quote on your terms over the phone on this Grounds Maintenance Autopilot System

First Schedule the time

Next, we’ll call you and go over the terms and explain our rates.

Then we’ll pull up satellite imaging of your yard

Measure area with software to estimate the square footage.

We calculate your rate based on demand and local pricing

Lastly, we give you your lawns new mowing quote and book your service on our next mowing route.

Includes: Mulching up clippings while mowing, trimming sides of grass beds around trees and fences, edging against sidewalks, and blowing off hardscape surfaces of debris.

Excludes: pet waste removal service, pet waste cleaning charge for cleaning pet waste off equipment, bagging, overgrowth fee (over 6inches will be charged double for the required double mowing),

(1 hour)

Fall/Spring Leaf Cleanup

Up to 2 hours of cleanup service. Additional labor is charged at $55/man/hour.

We blow,
and bag any excess
until we reclaim what was taken over with leaves

Included: Bags

not included: Debris Haul-off

(2 hours)
$ 120.00


up to 4k sq ft of lawn aerated or up to one hour of aeration. additional labor is chaged at $21.25 ea additional 15min

Excludes: The property owner is responsible for marking any underground sprinklers or lines.

Includes: We will provide lawn flags upon request.

(1 hour)
$ 85.00

Power Raking

up to 4k sq ft of lawn power raked in two directions, and debris bagged for up to 2 hours of labor. additional labor is charged additionally at 67.00/man/hour.

Included: Bags

not included: Debris Haul-off

(2 hours)
$ 120.00

Front Tine Tilling

Up to one man-hour of cultivating/tilling with a front tine tiller. Additional labor is charged at $55/hr
Front tine tillers are for small to mid-sized ground clearing, gardening, or flower bed jobs. front tines allow one to get closer to fences and borders.

Show up on site with a front tine tiller

Move it to the tilling location,

Till to desired depth of 3" - 8"

Move tiller back to trailer

lastly, we load up and strap down to finish your freshly tilled area.

(1 hour)
$ 67.00

Flower Bed Re-edging and Defining.

up to 4 man hours of labor for flower bed edges machine cut with an edging machine to give a natural edge. Each additional hour is $55/man/hour

First, we use a hose to outline the desired shape of the flower bed.

Next, we spray landscaping paint to mark the outline.

Now, we remove the hose and begin cutting the natural dirt edge with our the specialized re-edging machine. This gives your edge a great straight or perfectly curved line

Excludes added extras and additionals: Landscape fabric, mulch, material/non-natural edging, and pre-emergent

(4 hours)
$ 220.00